The system is complete, has a logical built-up and has two designs:

Equisafe Permanent

Posts with a diameter of 138 mm are placed with a heart-to-heart size of 167
(robust design) or 200 cm (standard), depending on application beams of 400 or 500 cm.

wit robuust hoh 167 cm

wit standaard hoh 200 cm

They are easy to place with a motorised ground drill* on 60 or 70 cm below ground level,  resulting in a fence height of approximately 135 cm.
The height of the fence is variable (choice of user) and can be built up with 1, 2, 3 or 4 beams  diameter 76 mm) which are fixed to the posts, each post will be equipped with a small hood that is secured with two small bolts. The barb wire is nicely integrated in the beams.
* This ground drill is available either for sale or rent.

Equisafe Semi-permanent

Subtle posts with a diameter of 63 mm, that can be equipped with a wooden post core to resist tensile forces. Equisafe-wire will go through the posts instead of the beams. These are smooth synthetic wires of 8 mm, with a steel core wire, with integrated carbon bearings that passes the electrics to the outside.
his wire is available in white/black, black or brown/black and can be combined with the Equisafe posts. Tension springs keep the voltage up attached to the enhanced corner posts 138 mm.

Special designs

There are also designs for step mill, dressage and galloping application.
On request we provide customised design with tape and/or ribbon that is fed through the posts.


Entrance gates are created with single or double revolting of sliding gates that are easy to operate and can be locked when shut.